Accordium Flow

Flow is the easy way to streamline your sales processes.

With digital contract management, sales workflow automation, live contract editing and electronic signatures. Accordium creates beautiful software that supercharges business performance wherever sales negotiations and paperwork is involved. It's simply a better way to do business and close more deals.

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23 Reviews4.8/5

Fantastic customer support is a real plus.


Easy to use, slick design, lovely simple to use tool


just waiting on some new functionality, teams upload of different file types, which I know is on its way

Thanks Mel! We are working hard to get those new features out soon!
Hey Product Hunt! Thanks for checking us out. Daniel here, I'm one of the co-founders of Accordium, hopefully, I can answer all your questions and comments about what we do and why we do it. Like many things, Accordium was born out of frustration and a desire to fix something we considered broken. This is the tool I always wanted (and needed) when I was on the sales floor earlier in my career. We have built a cloud-based sales automation and e-signature tool that helps other sales teams to shorten their sales cycles, close more deals and finally stop wasting time on slow manual processes and paperwork. We do this by allowing you to digitise all your sales paperwork and automating manual workflows. It’s available for you to try now worldwide - just have to signup for it here: We love the Product Hunt Community, so as an added bonus for all Product Hunters, we want to give you 3 Months of the Accordium Pro Plan for up to 3 users for FREE + 50% off our tool for the first year (should you decide to buy it). Just send me an email to and include your ProductHunt Id with the Subject Line: ProductHunt is the best!! I would love your feedback and comments on what we have built so far! Thanks!! Ps be sure to check out our video about our unorthodox company values, it's brutally honest and probably nothing like you've seen before.

Accordium hits a need - prior to signing where most vendors today invest to solve the issue. Workflow and forward-back approaches to signing contracts is eliminated with Accordium. And you keep the overview and track of the current pipeline to closing.


The tool is so simple, and provides the exact workflow you need to optimize sales and contract closing.


There are soo many nice features I would love to have in the tool. I know the team works to provide all; can't wait for next release.

Thanks Rasmus, Super happy to hear this. We have all personally experienced the pain and frustration dealing with paperwork, manual processes and chasing signatures on a daily basis. We knew there had to be a better way. We’ve built Accordium to simplify sales: so it is great to hear you have been able to use our tool to optimize your current processes!
Thanks Rasmus! Working hard to deliver those features asap.
Awesome product.. Make life so much easier for many of us! :D
@zorvak Hey Martin, Thanks for the vote of confidence! Makes us happy to see what we are building is making life easier for our fellow entrepreneurs
@zorvak Thanks Martín!!


Great tool! This really has enhanced my workflow noticeably.


Quite new product. Looking forward to the new features in pipeline and further product developments!