Accomplice 2.0

The “Kayak” for ground transportation and food delivery apps

Accomplice lets you manage all of your on-demand apps in one place. Compare prices, coordinate orders, and track services, all with the convenience of one app.

Our partners include Uber, Lyft, Yelp,, EatStreet and more.

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Hello Product Hunt family! A couple of months ago, we launched Accomplice 1.0 and since then, the adoption has been astounding. Our customers gave us a ton of feedback and new ideas which we have been busy addressing. Today we are proud to introduce Accomplice 2.0; armed with new features, enhancements, and additional big name partnerships. What’s New: * Uber integration, expanding our national and international coverage. * EatStreet and Yelp restaurants integration, adding thousands of restaurants nationwide. * A simplified signup process for new users. * An overhaul of the ride request and food ordering user experience. * An enhancement of the app's overall performance. Why Accomplice: * Convenience - Manage ride and food delivery options all from within one app. * Comparison - Compare prices and timings to choose the best option for you. * Coordination - Coordinate food delivery with you ride to synchronize arrival times (works with Lyft and only for the time being). Thank you for all the support you’ve shown Accomplice so far. We’re looking forward to bringing you the best in on-demand mobile apps. Accomplice is available in the App Store for all iOS devices here Happy hunting!
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@hani_samaan can you say more about your "partnership" with Uber, Lyft, Yelp, and EatStreet? Do you have custom agreements with them or are you just using their APIs? If the latter, combining multiple providers into one app violates their API TOS... so I'm just wondering how you got around that.
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@chrismessina All providers have agreed to be on the platform via partnerships or affiliations.
@hani_samaan interesting. So you worked with each directly and arranged a separate agreement different from their public API terms?
@chrismessina Yes we work with each supplier directly. Are you interested in this topic as a potential investor or just kicking the tires?
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !!
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@ayush_chandra Thanks for the support.
Love the idea, so much that I can't stand that there isn't an Android version! Please tell me you have one in the works....?
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@golear yes indeed! We should have one ready in short term. We’ll keep you up to speed. Thanks for the support Gabe.
Awesome idea! I always check both Uber and Lyft
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@torchstephen thanks Stephen.
Great idea, but email signup isn’t working for me.
@mdgld we are looking into this. Thanks for your patience Matthew.