The "Kayak" for on-demand apps.

Accomplice gives you the power to explore, compare, request, purchase and track services across different on-demand categories.

👋 Hey hunters, Hani from Accomplice here ( A few weeks ago on Product Hunt Upcoming we introduced Accomplice in beta, inviting you to get an early look at what we’re calling the "Kayak" for on-demand mobile apps. Since that time, we’ve incorporated your feedback and squashed many bugs. Today, we’re excited to officially launch Accomplice — the first all-in-one mobile application in the U.S. combining food delivery, car service and rideshare! 🎉 Accomplice gives you the power to explore, compare, request, purchase and track services across different on-demand categories. Features include: * Compare options and discover offers across various apps including Lyft, Flit, Yelp and, to find the best available deal near you. * Coordinate a ride home, order food to be delivered when you arrive, and pay for everything, all at the same time within one app. * Discover services and providers easily based on speed or your wallet, without the need to download a ton of apps. * Schedule rides up to 30 days in advance and order from multiple restaurants at the same time. * Request and pay for a number of services in one single checkout experience. * Track arrival times in one seamless interface, without the need to download multiple apps. * Additional partners and services, like grocery and alcohol delivery, will be integrated over the coming months so stay tuned! Thanks for all the support you’ve shown Accomplice so far. We’re looking forward to TechCrunch Disrupt SF next month and continuing to bring you the best in on-demand mobile apps. 📲 Accomplice is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices here Happy hunting!
Hi Hani, congrats! Quick feedback: I downloaded the app and was met with a sign in/up barrier. Is there any way you can show users value before asking them to a) do something and b) provide personal information? Best of luck!
@raygwater thank you very much and great feedback. We'll add refining the sign in/up flow to the to do list. Hope you liked the app otherwise.
Generally seems like a good idea, however the services are limited here in New York City, which renders the app not particularly useful. On the travel side it only has Lyft and "Flit" (?) for travel, missing the market-leader Uber and several others like Gett and Via. Would be great to see Arro support also for NYC taxis. On the food delivery side it has and Yelp/eat24, but misses the market leader by a HUGE margin, seamless/grubhub. Also misses smaller options like Ando, UberEats, Prime Now, and so on. If it doesn't cover ALL the market leaders, comparison shopping apps simply are not worth using due to the nature of the service they're supposed to provide.
Thanks Jay - our value add will certainly rise significantly as we onboard more players which is a work in progress...many of the brands you mentioned are in the integration pipeline. Stay tuned!!
I think this app looks great, and definitely will give it a try : ) That being said, there are a couple spots where I could see people being unhappy about the video, culturally. First, it's framed as two guys going out, with their girlfriends, which is a slightly sexist framing. Why not two couples going out? And why is it only the two guys who pull out the app, not either of the ladies? And same with the color division here -- the lighter skinned couple both have exactly the same skin tone, as do the darker, and in this case the dark skinned guy is the one who blows it and the light skinned guy wins out by using the app, which I know could certainly have been a coin toss when it was planned, but intention and takeaways are not always the same. Plus, it's always a good thing to promote gender and race equality where we can with advertising materials - one video doesn't do much, but millions of advertisements together can slowly transform the cultural narrative in a positive direction. To be fair, I was not at all personally offended by this, and might be totally off base with this read. But as I watched through, I just got a feeling, and a sense that some people might be, because of these subtle things, so I figured it was worth at least bringing up! Thanks for taking this into consideration, and keep making amazing things! ✨
Hi Jeff, appreciate the feedback on the product video. We will definitely take your points into consideration for the next one—there are lots of scenarios we can dream up where Accomplice promotes gender and race equality and we'll strive to get it right the next time. We'd love to know your thoughts on the app. Have you had a chance to try it out?