Offsites made easy: simple tools for powerful conversations. - Team Offsites has some really neat tools that teams can use to have the conversations that make for a great offsite. We tried them and really liked them, and I know they've signed up a bunch of big clients. They are new, but the founder worked with the co-CEO of Bridgewater (the hedge fund) and knows what he's talking about.

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Hi I'm one of the makers of We launched these tools because we want to help you get to the heart of what matters for team performance. We know that great teams aren’t accidents.​ Years of research, from Google to Harvard to Pixar, confirms that top teams intentionally build a few simple practices. At, we build practical tools that make it easy for any leader tap into those practices, and help your team or company work better together. And there's no better time to super-charge your team than during an offsite. We're excited to release these offsite tools to help teams kick off 2018. But they're always evolving, so we'd love to hear feedback!

great for hosting a team off-sites


clever framework and quality tools


free version does not include all the resources

I like it-Really simple and straightforward way for teams to think about how they can interact with each other. I can also see this as a how for managers or team leaders to understand what's working and what's not. Does this work better as a one time thing or can this be used multiple times for the same team?
@drummer80y Hi Chris - we designed it for both. People start with it being a standalone - it adds immediate value to an offsite conversation, or even a team meeting. But there are also lots of customization features that managers can use to make it useful over time - checking in values, mission alignment, new hire culture integration, new manager promotion, etc.

Managing a team is hard. makes it easier to enable greatness by giving you insight into what's enabling and holding your team back. And unlike pulse or engagement surveys, Accompany's tools help you understand and optimize interactions between team members. I'm a big fan.


Insight into team members and how to enable greatness. Makes for a great set of tools to use during an offsite.


A new tool. The UI is functional and nice, but could use some polishing.

Quick question: What are you finding the practical team size limits to be with this? How well does it scale to larger teams, and are there any specific things to consider as it does?
@brendanbaker Hi Brendan - thanks for your interest. We suggest to people that they do the exercise with a group that is working closely together. Often this might be different from the hierarchy - it might be a product launch team, or cross functional team. Usually, these are 5-15 people. Once it gets above 15, we suggest breaking it into sub-groups. However, the data can be aggregated at any level, so you can see patterns across 15, 150 or 1500 people.