Listeners on demand for emotional support

Accompanied is the most friendly online emotional support service that connects users to listeners in real-time. Take your support system with you, whenever you are📱, with our no-subscription, no-membership app service. Starting at only $9/session, we empower people with the ability to connect with listeners who are there to accompany you. 🤗

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I love the idea behind this app, @wenshaw could you tell us about more about who the listeners are? How do you source them?
@abadesi Thanks! We are very excited to get this off the ground and would love any feedback. The listeners are the people with either educational background in psychology or experience in social work. We interviewed a bunch and recruited only a few now since we don't have much traffic yet.
This service sounds intresting, but I also would like to know who the listeners are, how you select them and how long it takes until there is someone listening?
@meineleserei Hi! Yes that's a fair question. We found them through various freelancing sites and they are people with psychology background or social work experience. Though not licensed therapists, they demonstrated their qualification in their past experience. Right now we have listeners on call every night at 6-9 PM ET. During that timeframe it should be almost instant reply. As the traffic increases, we'll expand to all hours.