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Accointing is a cryptocurrency tax optimization tool that helps you save money on your crypto taxes. It helps you track, analyze, classify & create a tax report of your crypto. Available now! Try our platform for free!

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Onboarding took me way less than I expected. Didn't thought that I would get to use all the Portfolio Tools for free. Paid $50 for my report. Awesome product! Highly recommended!
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Thanks for the hunt Rodrigo. My name is Dennis Wohlfarth and I'm the co-founder of and we're really happy to be in Product Hunt. Accointing helps you automate the import of your cryptotrades and transactions from Exchanges and Wallets. Simply add your Exchanges through an API connection or a CSV and your wallets with the public wallet addresses and start tracking and managing your portfolio. In addition to that, with the different analytics tools, you can easily classify your trades and print out a tax report with one simple click. We have built Accointing for users like you and me. We realized that we want to have some special portfolio management metrics and tax optimization tools like our Holding Period graph and the Live Tax Optimizer that can help us find a tax lot that creates the least taxable gains and still preserves our old positions (Coins that you hold longer than 1 year are tax free in some countries). We're iterating every day and finding the best setup for our users, adding new wallets and exchanges on a periodic basis. We would love any feedback that you might have for us. We would love for you to reach out. We are here to address any questions you might have. If you'd like to know more, here is a little bit more about my story with taxes and Accointing:
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Use FIFO, LIFO or Specific Lot to check on your taxes.


Easy to use and has features that not other cyrpto taxes platform has


Only available for the US and Germany.

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