Accept Crypto

Find out if a company or website accepts Cryptocurrency.

Accept Crypto is a database of companies that tells you if they accept Cryptocurrencies or not.

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Hi PH! First time maker. There has been an increasing number of companies accepting crypto’s as payment nowadays. When I searched if a company/website accepted crypto, I would find outdated information. So I wanted to put together a database of companies/website that accepts cryptocurrencies. I started out getting data from existing information sites and verifying some of the sites manually. You can help me keep the data up to date by either editing existing info or adding more companies/websites.
Very nice and simple! I've been looking for this aggregated info, it would've been even better if you could add under the search box, a list of verified companies that already accept $cryptos
Pros: 1. great clean UI, absolutely beatufiul Cons: 2. it should scrape the site's html or payment page and see if it accepts crypto because our site does not come up haha