Chrome extension that emulates the accent system from macOS

Frustrated by the lack of a simple accent system on Windows, we decided to do it ourselves. To use, press the extension icon on the top right of the page. Then, simply hold down a key.

This does not work on Google Docs and Gmail YET, but try on

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Great job!!😊 Will check it out. How does it even work. You need to explain a non techie about it
@ayush_chandra Sorry, I haven't had time to make a proper demonstration video and everything. After you get an extension from the Chrome web store, an icon will appear on the top-right of the web page (next to the search bar). When you want to type an accent, press the icon once to turn the setting on (you only have to do this once per web page). Then, just hold down the letter the accent/character should be put on (e.g. the "a" key for Γ  or Γ₯ or ā) and an interface should pop up after a little while. To place the accent, you can either press the number of the button or just click on the button.
@ayush_chandra Let me know how it goes πŸ˜‰