Practice your accent or pronunciation with instant replay.

I created this really simple (#onedaydev) app to practice my english accent and pronunciation.

All you have to do is wait a few seconds for the app to calibrate the base noise level and then just speak. It will echo back to you whatever you say!

Works better with headsets.

This sounds really cool! I'm currently trying to learn a new language and i'm always doubting whether i am pronouncing things right or wrong.
I want that product.... unfortunately it is now working yet on my iphone safari. But i really want to help anything I can!
@vladkorobov sorry about that! I don't own any apple device so I was unable to test it out in those platforms! Will check it out to see what's going on!
not working on Mac, iPhone or iPad. (safari)
@reyesdanny10 sorry about that! I usually work on windows and android. Will try to get my hands on some apple devices!
Very cool concept.