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"Read faster than ever before, one word at a time. Speed read articles from the web at superhuman speeds. Finish your reading list in record time with Accelerator." Just the thing I need in these days of too much Todo's and not enough spare-time...
Interesting concept, but it looks like every word is displayed on the screen for the exact same amount of time, rather than varying for different word lengths/common words, positioning of word on screen etc. How does this compare to Spritz?
Just to confirm, how is this different from Velocity?
@itibz > Today, Velocity is undergoing a change in name. Please welcome Accelerator to your home screen!
I think it would be really cool if you could time someone reading naturally (have them press a "start" and "stop" button) and let them compare to how long it would have taken them to read the same text with Accelerator. 78 words in 15 seconds just doesn't mean anything to me if I have nothing to compare it to!
Sad not to be able to test the app before buying...
@pierre_vannier That said, the website homepage does offer what appears to be a pretty realistic demo of the reading UX
@jydesign @pierre_vannier ... Definitely not the same as testing the real app. Paying upfront before testing is in my opinion a no go. Moreover, there are tons of business models which would have allowed to launch a free app like for example testing the first couple of articles free and then ask for payment...