Acceleration is a startup law book for entrepreneurs.
This approachable book highlights the legal issues of launching a startup, including incorporation, cofounders, equity, hires, advisors, accelerators, and seed & venture capital financings.
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Hello Product Hunt! I wrote Acceleration with the vision of giving first-time and second-time entrepreneurs a true ‘heads up’ of the legal issues they will encounter when launching a startup. Entrepreneurs should not have to learn these lessons the hard way. Acceleration is compilation of the most common questions I have received from clients, anecdotes, strategies, and pattern-recognition insights from the past 13+ years being a venture lawyer. Thus, there is content in the book for veteran entrepreneurs as well. The full table of contents is in the gallery. ***For the rest of this week, the ebook version will be $0.99! Happy to answer any questions you may have!
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@startuplawyer Hi Ryan, Congrats on the launch, Where I can find the ebook version as I have headed to Amazon, but it only display the option of hardcover
@engmsaleh hmmm, sorry about that. This should be a direct link to the ebook version: "" Thanks! Let me know if that doesn't work.
@startuplawyer It says that "This title is not currently available for purchase"
I have worked with Ryan for years and he’s the first person I go to for startup or acquisition advice.
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This book is a guide to all the major legal issues that face a startup founder. Helps both investors and startup founders figure out what is important to them and how to get it.


This is the essential field manual to legal issues facing startup founders


Ryan needs to write a book with case studies with real life examples and names disguised. Maybe book 2?

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Audio book coming for the a.d.d.-ers soon?
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@raydawg88 Hi Ray! Yes I'm working on the logistics for the audio book version and should know more by end of week. FWIW, I did my best to break up the chapters in to separate shortened sections, but totally get the appeal of audiobooks. Even if just for 'time savings/productivity' they are great.
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Thanks Ryan!