Cord-free art display and streaming service

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This is an amazing and beautiful product! And the idea of automatically charging is ingenious! Great job!
The self-charging feature is pure genius!
Chucking an image on a screen and hanging it from the wall isn't art. It's the illusion of art.
@andreasduess You join a long line of pedantic people decrying the democratization of art.
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@shloky Oh dear, are we name calling now? How very fifth grade of you. Here, let me try: And you join a long line of people who don't know what art is. This is decoration, maybe, but not art. Art has nothing to do with price, but it does have to do with original thinking. There's absolutely nothing wrong with decoration either, but call it what it is.
I already bought a smart TV to make my own but this would be my next choice
upvote for the charging solution alone - very novel, only a little creepy.