A free url shortener with A/B testing features

AbTest.io is a url shortener with A/B Testing features.

It splits the traffic between two pages and ads Google Analytics tags like utm_campaing in order to filter and monitor conversion rate between the two pages.

AbTest.io is a product of Analytic.me

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Hello Product Hunt! Currently AbTesting is fairly complicated, however is an extremely important part of marketing. This is my best attempt to fix that! Normal platforms like unbounce are great but fairly expensive an not self hosted, meaning that you can test some landing pages but you can't really test something on site, for example a new feature or price. With AbTest.io it's super easy, just select two pages and share your url on social media, emails or wherever. We take care of splitting your traffic between the two pages and we add custom Google Analytics tags (like utm_campaign) so we can then filter the results in your custom dashboard! I'm looking forward for your feedback!
@cosbgn Interesting idea, never thought about doing A/B testing through a link shortener :) Good luck with the product!
@tcodinat thank you very much!
Great job on simplifying! You may want to include a tutorial or an example of what to test. I'm very interested but never done this before so I'm a little lost on what to test. Cheers!
@jeffrey_wyman Hi! You are absolutely correct, at the moment once you are logged in your home page is a "how to" page where I guide you step by step and I even give you some examples of things to test. Did you see that? I did this exactly because as you said users are quite new to AB Tests. Perhaps I could add a video guide where I show them each step, it would be clearer I think. Thanks for the feedback
Nice product but I am surprised that no one has mentioned Google Experiments. It's a subset of Google Analytics that offers extremely, extremely mature A/B and multivariate testing for free. It's an incredible piece of kit.
@mickc79 Yes I love Google Analytics experiments! The thing is that it requires you to insert a JS snippet on your site. Often business/marketing people don't have access to the code base or don't have the time/knowledge on how to add it, where to add it etc. AbTest.io makes it super easy and fast for anyone to test new hypothesis
I like that the basic version is free :)
@robert_eiter it's all free! You just have to pay if you want to use your own domain.
Works like a charm, bookmarked. Keep working on it!
@budgoz I'm glad you like it!