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Read objective news summaries on a refreshing UI

An app that helps you to quickly browse through objective news summaries on a delightful interface, whenever you get chance in your busy life. It has cool swipe up gesture based browsing experience. It works offline. Read comfortably at night with dark mode.
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What are the steps you took to make the summaries as objective as possible? I’m interested in trying it out!
@geffrey I am sourcing news summaries from Reuters which is considered a highly objective news publisher around the world.
@anna_0x Reuters licenses its content to interested publishers.
@patelatharva cool, good to know!
Considering the need for a time saving app that presents objective news summaries, I decided to build this app. Looking forward to your comments about it.
do you know there is app in appstore called breaknews which is same as yours,i think you made a repetitive job
@dennis_wang1 I have tried serving objective news on a refreshing browsing experience. I hope you have tried this one and found it useful.
@patelatharva i'm sorry i don't get your point,dosen't Breaknews provide objective news?
Very good knowledgable
Very good&knowledgable