Absolute Corruption

Campaign for president against your friends.

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I had the great pleasure of playtesting this product (you'll see the back of my head in the video). I'm usually fairly circumspect with my reviews, but this game is a lot of fun! The premise is that you are running for president against up to 3 other players. Every turn you draw a card (like "Corporate Endorsement" or "Scandal!") that allows you to take actions that help you or hurt your opponents. Randomly sprinkled through the deck are "POLL" cards, which creates a competition over a random set of states. Each state is worth a certain number of points - you wager your actions to win a state (each action has a point value based on how rare and powerful it is). The game is fast-paced, strategic, well-developed, and surprising. Fun for ages 9+. Corey (the developer) is a great guy. Check out the kickstarter and help make the game a reality!
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