The people's way to send and receive cash

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It's interesting how a winner of a huge tech festival only got 4 upvotes so far... Seems to me that big picture products go mostly unnoticed.
@shapob that's excatly what I thought as well. I am almost surprise that it is hunted today, but not when they won 1st place in Launch.io
Pretty cool use of Bitcoin as the backend
Abra is the world’s first digital cash, peer to peer money transfer network. It's a global network of people helping each other easily deposit and withdraw cash anywhere in the world.
@erictwillis ...what about Transferwise?
@erictwillis @uxandrew Transferwise is great but it's bank-to-bank, not person-to-person. Abra is enabling a crowdsourced cash-in / cash-out network.