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Abovo42 is a simple lightweight publishing tool that works via email - you can publish by sending any email to post@abovo42.com and you will receive a link to your post by email (here is my example: http://www.abovo42.com/ericfried...) There are a bunch of interesting use cases using email as a command line. Here some of the use cases (http://www.abovo42.com/blog@abov...)
Thanks for submitting @ericfriedman. I’m hoping that the Product Hunt community tries it out -- it takes less than 30-seconds -- we’re super-eager for the feedback. We believe that email clients are environments where we’ve all become very comfortable creating new content (text, attachments, formatting, etc.) but until Abovo42 there has never been a simple way to “Share” an Email on the Internet -- outside of the trappings of the Email silo. More details and use-cases are on our blog: http://www.abovo42.com/blog@abov... At the end of the day, we’re trying to evolve similar to how Twitter did in their early days -- provide some gentle nudges and use-case guidance while at the same time focusing on the enabling technology in a horizontal sense and let our users discover use-cases for themselves (Hashtags and Retweets were Twitter-user inventions, for example). It’s always a challenging balance. Welcome Product Hunt members. I hope you'll try Abovo42 for yourselves and find some cool new uses. Cheers. SPF