About My Browser

Quickly share information about your Browser.

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Gives information related to your browser . Companies who offer online tech support, will find this very handy. All they need to do is, ask their customer to go to AboutMyBrowser site and copy the link given by this site and send it to them. AboutMyBrowser works on mobile, desktop and tablets. That link will contains all the useful information which includes: Browser, OS type, User agent string, OS type, OS name, Capture time, Javascript, Cookies, Flash and many more technical details, which will be very useful in analyzing and troubleshooting customer technical issues.
@kwdinc Thanks for posting this. We launched two years ago on HN - https://news.ycombinator.com/ite... Happy to answer any questions about the product here.
Added this to my 'simple but useful' list :-)
YES. I've needed this. Reminds me of those "info" iPhone apps that show your UDID and other device info, but for desktop browsers.