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So excited to see our new design and spotlight feature in the wild. We believe that representation with a minimum of other obligations required (friend requests, constant content creation, work networking requests, etc.) is the basic foundation of a personal page on the web. In the past few years, we got away from our unique brand of simplicity, adding lots of “engagement” features, as we chased metrics. While we generated millions and millions of compliments & collections, we cannot honestly say that either of those features created enough meaningful value for our users. We decided to reset and the result is a much simpler design: a single page with one prominent button and a few other outbound links. We're not a social network: there’s no friending, or following, or connecting. Instead, there’s just a button we call the "spotlight." It’s a single call to action meant to get visitors to actually do something with the page they’re visiting. Every person who creates a page has to pick one. Photographers might choose "view my portfolio" or "view my photos." Airbnb hosts would choose "stay at my place." For authors there’s "buy my book"; for musicians, there’s "listen to my music." The link points wherever you want it to. You can learn more at my blog: tonyconrad.wordpress.com
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@tonysphere I have one feature request -- needs a Snapchat module!
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@tonysphere I really like it. Big fan of the one clear CTA ("Spotlight"). 🙌
@tonysphere maybe i'm a bit blind but how can you setup the new design ?
@jpvalery Looks like you need to go to about.me/update to upgrade your page to the new design.
@tonysphere "We are not a social network." Thank you for that. Clear differentiator.
I'm extremely excited about this redesign! The about.me team did an amazing job. I'm on the board, but also have been a rabid user since day one.
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I've been an advisor to the company since it started many years ago. It's great to see this fresh new release of the product that's focused on the needs of people today and in the future. Sign up for an account and let us know what you think! It'll literally only take a few minutes for you to get an awesome looking page of your own.
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Super pumped to work on the about.me team! Check out some of the new features: *Beautiful adaptive templates *Spotlight – your call-to-action button *Awesome mobile experience Here's my page: about.me/parisrouzati If you already have a page, you can update here: about.me/update
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@parisrouz Thanks for the update link. Was really confused there for a second when I logged in and everything looked the same as before...