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This area is continuing to flourish and seeing people build things to help others build bots is awesome. You can view the GitHub page here From the site: Abot (pronounced Eh-Bot, like the Canadians) is a digital assistant framework that enables anyone to easily build a digital assistant similar to Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana, Google Now, or Amazon Alexa. Further, Abot supports a human-aided training backend enabling anyone to build services like Facebook M. Unlike those proprietary systems, Abot is open-sourced and extensible. By providing an extensible platform onto which anyone can easily add functionality, Abot is the first A.I. framework that aims to be available everywhere and— ultimately—to do everything.
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Like Bubble ABOT brings cutting edge technology to the person that's not a hard core dev and allows them access to it. There is a big trend I'm seeing over the past year of tools that don't require a ton of coding knowledge for us non dev guys that still want to learn and use it Hope to see this trend continue.
@workstationw *Crosses fingers* Hope the trend continues too!
Hey folks. Author here. Surprised to find this added to ProductHunt this AM. Happy to answer any questions!
@egtann any how-to guides for getting started?
It's a Bot world after all🤖. For non-techies like me. I love a good cut and paste app.
Super cool. We're getting closer and closer to a world where bots will be interacting with other bots seamlessly. The next Jeeves is a digital mesh network of super attentive bots!