First flight navigator to use on board of an aircraft.

Aboard is the world’s first flight navigator to use on board of an aircraft. It works absolutely offline.

Use Aboard and you will know:

• where your flight is on a world map

• passed and remaining time and distance

• speed & altitude of your aircraft

• what cities and countries you are flying over

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How does it work? Does it just estimate flight paths? 😀 Looks great!
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@coconidodev exactly. Does it just estimates? Or uses some real data?
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@coconidodev @evivz Hello guys! Of course it uses real data. We use GPS-data.
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@coconidodev @oleg_borisov aha thats great. Will give it a try for sure then.
@coconidodev @evivz @oleg_borisov is it somehow connected with flightradar24?
@coconidodev @evivz @xe0s it isn't. Do you have any ideas about that?
Does the paid versIon gIve more detaIl? I can get the same information from the entertainment system. What I would like is a Google Earth type view so I can see detail. I want to know which national parks I’m flying over, mountain ranges, landmarks, US Route 66, etc. basically give me a 35000 foot view.
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@rmagrino This is exactly what I want in the air. I someday want to use AR to identify what is outside of my window. This shouldn't be tremendously difficult.
@rmagrino Paid version gives you ability to watch the speed & altitude of an aircraft. Speaking of map detalization, we show objects on the map to a level of villages. So yes, you can watch national parks etc.
@oleg_borisov great start, but it needs work. Maybe If you are flying from Seattle to Miami that you could download the detail for that flight.
@rmagrino Yes, maybe we'll add more detailed map and ability to download it in future versions. Thanks.
Definitely using this on my next flight :)
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@jnhookem Don't forget to sit near a window) Wish you happy flight!
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No Andriod?
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@jordyvangent At the moment not, but we’ll do it as soon as it becomes possible
What does FAA think bout that?
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@stevenjames It’s an application for common people, not for pilots)
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