ABBYY Fine Scanner 5

Scan and recognize multipage documents in PDF or JPG

Multipurpose phone scanner:

- Scan any papers, create perfect digital copies and save them to JPEG or PDF documents.

- Scan books quickly and easily.

- Recognize text from scans in 193 languages and save results in 12 formats

- Export everywhere

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Scan any printed or hand-written papers and books create perfect digital copies & save them to JPEG or PDF documents. Recognizes text from scans in 144 languages and saves results in 12 formats (DOCX,PDF,TXT & more) preserving the original document formatting.
What is the optimal use case here? What is the biggest challenges you faced while building this?
@bentossell Hi, Ben. Our users usually scan and recognize documents (to Word or Searchable PDF) on-the-go and share with colleagues or partners. With this release it's also possible to scan and recognize curved book pages when you need to digitize and store some text without a desktop scanner or MFP.
@bentossell Biggest challenge is, of course, making book pages look flat after taking pictures on a mobile device. Our engineers spent almost a year creating and combining different algorithms to make sure it works in unstable lighting conditions. The problems include a lack of data which would allow the program to build a stable model, contradictory incoming information, rogue image objects, bad focus, motion blur, and image noise.
Когда ожидается версия для Андроид?
@abbsol Павел, будет в начале следующего года.
@abbsol We've already started development of the Android version. It will arrive at the end of Q1 2016.
Neat! By turning these into PDF, does it make your content searchable? I take so many doc pics but end up having to organize them somehow in albums and folders as a way to find the right one.
@sarthakgrover Hi, Sarthak. I'm a product manager of FineScanner. Thanks for the question. Yes, we can recognize text and turn into searchable PDF, as well as Word, Excel, Epub, Fb2
How well does it pick up Doctor's handwriting which is notoriously bad ;)
@bentossell Hi, Ben. Handwritten papers are terrible for recognition. We can only try to make them more readable for a human.
@akimovmedia yeh I think it would be incredible (and incredibly difficult) to be able to scan handwritten papers and make them 100% better...