Made to Measure clothing that fits every body

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Hi, I'm Cynthia, CEO of AbbeyPost. Happy to answer any questions about our algorithmic patterning systems, mass customization, or real time manufacturing. Or, we could just talk fashion!
@CynthiaSchames "Made to measure" is such an interesting phrase. My girlfriend used to work for Trumaker who uses the same phrase for their shirts. Is it because "custom" implies your product is really expensive or some other reason?
@zackshapiro Hey Zack, thanks so much for a great question! I'm a big admirer of what Trumaker is doing for guys. In our case, we felt that "custom" just didn't accurately convey the degree to which measurements come into play, so we chose the "Made to Measure" term. "Custom" can often mean a slightly tweaked standard size, or even just a situation where a customer chooses a color or fabric. Although that's sometimes referred to as "mass customization", it's really just choosing among pre-selected options. We wanted to be sure to differentiate ourselves from that. In AbbeyPost's case, Made to Measure means we literally create a computerized pattern specifically for each individual customer's measurements and cut the item specifically for her body. We base it partially on user-submitted measurements, and partially on extrapolations from a large historical database that lets us algorithmically "fill in the blanks" based on specific markers. This all means that we're delivering a much better fit than could ever be possible off the rack. Basically, we're using software to democratize what used to be called "couture", for the everyday woman. Hope this gives you a bit more insight into our thought process and where we're headed!
@CynthiaSchames Interesting. Thanks Cynthia! Good luck!
@CynthiaSchames hey! what have been your most effective channels to acquire customers?
@eriktorenberg Hey Erik, great question! So far we have had success with Facebook and email, as well as long-tail SEO. We have the benefit of almost 18 months of blog content driving high-intent traffic to our site.