Affordable custom clothing for Plus Size women.

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Cynthia Schames
Cynthia SchamesHunter@cynthiaschames
Thanks for the votes! Just a bit of context about our "niche": the average American woman wears a size 14 (which is a plus size). There are 70 million women in the US alone who wear size 14+. Overwhelmingly, they report experiencing frustration when shopping, and fit is the biggest issue reported by 60+% in numerous studies. AbbeyPost addresses the fit issue once and for all via proprietary patterns and processes. Longer term, we are building a platform that has the potential to translate to ALL apparel manufacturing, drastically increasing efficiencies, reducing waste, lowering costs for manufacturers, retailers and shoppers, and ultimately: creating much better products that really fit..
Melinda Byerley
Melinda Byerley@mjb_sf · Founding Partner, TimeShareCMO
Was a happy customer when I was plus size, and am still a happy customer at regular size! women of all sizes have trouble finding clothes that fit and Abbey Post does it FAST!
Cynthia Schames
Cynthia SchamesHunter@cynthiaschames
@mjb_sf You ROCK, Melinda. Much love to you!
Kate Kendall
Kate Kendall@katekendall · ⚡️ CloudPeeps, The Fetch & Indie Labs ⚡️
Congrats Cynthia! She's definitely a founder to watch folks!
Cynthia Schames
Cynthia SchamesHunter@cynthiaschames
@KateKendall Thanks, Kate! Much appreciated--especially coming from you! You are awesome.
VijayRamani@vjayramani · CEO, Totspot
@CynthiaSchames is the shit.. Awesome founder, big market and great product
Cynthia Schames
Cynthia SchamesHunter@cynthiaschames
@vjayramani Thanks VJ! You're awesome
Pranay Srinivasan
Pranay Srinivasan@utekkare · Onwards - Founder, *Coming Soon*
brilliant custom fit website. works for all women.
Cynthia Schames
Cynthia SchamesHunter@cynthiaschames
@utekkare thanks Pranay!