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Hey all! I'm one of the founders of Abacus. Just last year, we launched Abacus on PH as the quickest way to reimburse your employees (imagine something akin to a Venmo for companies). Today, we're excited to share how your company can use Abacus to reimburse anyone, i.e. a more productized version of what companies have pretty much been hacking Abacus to do under the radar since day 1... Look forward to hearing your feedback and of course happy to answer any questions. We're also offering community members that signup a free 3 month trial - just email hi@abacus.com with PRODUCTHUNT in the subject line and we'll apply your discount code.
@omarqari per discussion on techcrunch: http://techcrunch.com/2015/07/07... is "Abacus will still charge the same fee for these special use cases, which is $5 per user per month." referring to internal users at the company, or is each interview candidate a user? (if so, isn't $5/ a month confusing, considering they'll be one off transactions?)
@_jacksmith Great question because ironically we left it the same in an effort to make it less confusing as many of our customers use Abacus for multiple purposes, e.g. Employees + Candidates + Contractors, and one simple price seemed clearer. Anecdotally, the behavior we've observed is that "one-off" users like Candidates fit neatly into 1 month b/c unlike certain competitors, Abacus bases active on when your company hits approve.
@omarqari so just to double clarify. each interviewee also counts as a "user"?