Text scale calculator for designers

Abaci is a text scale (hierarchy) calculator for designers and developers. Whether it's pixels or points, you can calculate the appropriate ratio of heading sizes based on one initial size. Calculations are based on the famous Fibonacci sequence, seen in architecture, nature, art...and design!

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Thanks for hunting @numberfortysix love the images you've created for the gallery. How has the tool helped improve your day to day?
@numberfortysix @abadesi Hi Abadesi, thanks for your interest in our app. We created Abaci to give new designers confidence in their typographic choices, as well as offer time-saving to established designers/developers (and provide a bit of reassurance!). We hope its simplicity and unique dial makes it a bit of fun to use also. Have a great day.
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Any future plans for Android development?
@jordanbuckhalt Absolutely Jordan, it's a top priority. Thanks for your interest -- we'll get in touch when we're close to release.
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