AARP Money Map™

Step-By-Step Plans for Your Finances

AARP Money Map™ provides help for Americans 40+ to navigate through a financial crisis. Many Americans receive large bills - medical and otherwise - that can cause a persistent financial crisis. This app aims to steer people to making the right choices.
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I know this is from AARP, but I think this is helpful for any age. Maybe even more so for younger adults who might not have experienced some of these events (large home /car repair, medical bills, etc.)
@garett_dunn1 Thanks and yeah we totally agree! Their goal was to extend down to 40+ but the truth is the help that is here is not age-specific to any great degree.
This seems like a really positive change for users! Pretty cool of AARP to invest in building something like this
Our company, Modus Create, worked with AARP to plan and develop this first part of the app - which aims to eventually provide more tools for financial wellness.