a16z Podcast: Truce for Mobile, Battle for VR

Deep dive on all the gear and players in the VR ecosystem

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Adam Leidhecker
Brand Strategist @ Coplex
Looking at the future of VR - Who’s in it to win it? How far are we from the “holy grail” of headsets that will truly mainstream VR? Will the killer app — or layer — for VR be social? In this episode of the a16z Podcast, partners Chris Dixon, Benedict Evans, and Kyle Russell deep dive on all the gear and players in the VR ecosystem; the evolution of content beyond gaming (with a teeny hint at what a VR horror genre might look like); and how the high-end will push the medium forward for all. This podcast was discovered on @ottoradio 👍
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Cameron WallCo-founder & CEO of RainCheck
VR & AR is a nice to have, as are Bots but at the end of the day if you have not sorted out AI and the UX you are no where.