A Weekend MVP

Your idea, your MVP, one weekend.

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Thanks for the hunt @mbavio! I created this course because I've come across a number of people that have asked how do they create a MVP. What should it be? How do they find the tools to make it happen? I've found that applying the Jobs To Be Done framework to your product development can greatly help in finding out the single job that someone is hiring your product to do. If you can focus on the single job first and execute it well, then you can get a MVP out to people quickly. The majority of the time you don't even need to code as you can simply use off the shelf tools or do things manually. I'm here to answer any questions.
@scrivs Maybe the "Tools needed" portion covers this, but what about for non-developers? There will be people who sit down and go through your course and then say, "Ok, now how do I make it happen?" I think there should be a follow up course, offer, or integration with freelancers or agency's to then turn the MVP idea into a functioning MVP. Something with MVP pricing. "Go from our Weekend MVP course to our Weekend Launch program."
@bradenhamm good question and I address that a bit on the page, but the goal of using the Jobs To Be Done framework is to see what the real job of our product is and how we can emulate that with off the shelf tools. Most MVPs go overboard and add a ton functionality that isn't needed. So this is aimed at developers and non-developers. At least 4 out of the 5 case studies I use do not use any custom code.
@scrivs so are the "off the shelf tools" listed? I know there are things out there I could piece my MVP together with, but I still can't figure out how to make them WORK together.
@bradenhamm @scrivs I think the tools are listed on PH ;)
Seems like a Startup Weekend but hosted by Paul @scrivs, 9rules and Drawar founder. I think I've never met a person that likes to play on the web as much as Paul.
I'm taking part in his current session of the 40daystartup and @scrivs knows this stuff. I've learned a lot from him already. If I had the money I would definitely sign up for the top tier plan. It would be awesome to make an MVP with @scrivs!