A Weather Way

See how the weather impacts your planned day

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Haha the maker reached out to me and started with "Hey Ben, I know you love weather apps, maybe you can check this out" 😂
I'm probably a bad PHunter as I just discovered today my app "A Weather Way" was featured two months ago! I always been a big fan of weather apps and a long time complainer about the gazillion different designs you can find on weather apps –many of them beautiful, specially those on Dribble or Beyance were seems that every designer designed one-, but never found one that was customizable to everyone’s specific circumstances – so I decided to create my own. A Weather Way allows you to create a visual representation of your average day so you can see how the weather will impact your daily activity. Whether your plan is to go deep-sea diving in January, or skiing in April, this app will show you exactly what the weather will be at each hour of your daily routine, along with customizable and animated icons to represent what activity you will be doing at that time. You can re-create up to seven daily routines per week for up to ten distinct locations, check how your dad’s sailing weekend looks or your trip over the mountains. With a library of more than 50 icons you’ll for sure be able to find a representation of your house, favorite food truck, or your way to commute- even if it's by helicopter.
immensely helpful. Did you develop this app?
Sweet app. Love the design
Been using it for a few weeks now and it's great. Beautiful design and a unique take on displaying your daily weather forecast.