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Nice work, Lynn! And thanks for organizing the unofficial pitch night too. Would have loved to come. For anyone looking to learn the essentials, this book is the perfect starting point to starting a startup. Watch the full videos at https://startupschool.org if you want more details.
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@kunalslab thank you Kunal for your nice words! yes I know some founders don't watch all videos so I made the book to help founders who don't have time to watch and can capture the key points per video in less than 5 mins =)
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@lynn_hoang @kunalslab Guilty as charged. I just watched a couple. :(. Thanks for making this Lynn!
@cleavatron Thank you! Yes, I am happy that I can save some founders' valuable time! :D
@cleavatron I watched all of them and found 90% of them super valuable. The cheat sheet is great for reference, but I would accompany it with watching the full videos.
@graehamf I'll definitely get around doing that. I've watched 11 out of the 18 videos.
Here's the full stack of official / unofficial YC tools: - This book - Sam Altman's video / podcast lecture series at Stanford on building a startup - Startup School conference and MOOC
@nipungupta Thank you =)
is it still available ?
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Wow this is really easy to ready. Very impressive!
@daniel_pyrathon thank you! I am glad that you enjoy it ๐Ÿ˜Š
Great lecture notes! I was begging my friends for lecture notes all the time and this is it. Short and sweat. All you need to pass the exam (if any).
@kimcuong thanks Kim! I am glad that you think the book helpful to you :)
@kimcuong @lynn_hoang hi there, I was wondering if this is still available? I clicked out, but it doesn't seem to be loading... anything helps, even a PDF! Cheers from NYC