A Song a Day

For those "too busy" to discover new music.

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Shannon Byrne
@shannnonb · Created asongaday.co. Content Strategist
Hi again! I just wanted to share with this community because I feel like y'all will appreciate it. Today is A Song A Day's first birthday - i.e. it was posted to Product Hunt and you all showed interest that led to a year of amazing and rewarding insanity. So, to celebrate, I wrote a lengthy blog post about what I've learned about people's weird relationship… See more
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Alex Manthei
@xoalexo · Product Designer at Lyst
Congratulations to @ShannnonB! I love the copy on this: "each song will come as a surprise, probably not at the same time every day. Because I am human, not a computer, or a robot (yet)."
Shannon Byrne
@shannnonb · Created asongaday.co. Content Strategist
Hi all! I'm the creator of this very basic project. Please share any thoughts, questions, feedback. The idea is, if the demand / interest is there, to build a community of music curators and make this (a) more scaleable, and (b) a place where strangers can connect through music. Thanks for sharing @srcasm!
Paul Jarvis
@pjrvs · designer, writer.
HECK YES! Here I was thinking that I'm now too old to discover new music... now I don't have to ;)
Jeremy Cai
@jjeremycai · founder @OnboardIQ early @Shyp
Curious as to how this stacks up to Hype Machine Stack - definitely going to give it a try! Good luck :)
Derek Shanahan
@dshan · GM @ SuperRewards
I obviously love this idea:)