A Sex Journal for Couples is a beautiful, shared journal designed to give couples resources and space to reflect on and explore their sex life together.

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I learned about the Sex Journal for Couples on EVERYMAN podcast episode #69 (go figure) and was excited to hear about @levinasays and @csspaulding being willing to share their experience and process. As someone who captures a lot of data about himself (true story: I have data going back to 2014 about nearly all of my sexual activities 🤓), I'm looking forward to this launch!
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Thanks so much for sharing what we’re working on, @chrismessina! 🙌🏻 I’m new to the Product Hunt community and very excited to listen, learn, and contribute. Community feedback has played a huge role in shaping our mission and approach, so we’re very open to and grateful for what you all have to share! @csspaulding and I made A Sex Journal for Couples to provide people with a simple and beautiful way to have open and intentional conversations about sex within their relationships. Keeping a sex journal and having these kinds of conversations transformed our relationship and lives. And it’s not just us — practicing openness, intimacy, and communication has the power to positively impact any relationship. That’s why we spent the last year sifting through decades of research, gathering feedback from dozens of experts and hundreds of people, and testing frameworks and exercises out in our own relationship to create A Sex Journal for Couples. Ultimately, it’s all about supporting deep, fulfilling, and joyful relationships. Anyway, I’m incredibly excited to be here and am an open book. Please feel free to ask me any questions about the journal or our journey. I’m also all ears for feedback! Much love, Levina levina@asexjournal.com P.S. Being on Episode 69 of the Evryman podcast was, believe it or not, a total coincidence. 😅
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Thanks for hunting A Sex Journal for Couples and for sharing, @chrismessina! @levinasays and I have gotten so much from this practice and are beyond excited to share it with the world. We greatly appreciate you checking out what we're up to and for any and all support!
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Human intimacy is cornerstone to a more fulfilling life. Cornerstone to intimacy is communication. This product is a caveman simple framework for exponential growth in partner communication.


Well done and thoughtful product.



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Thanks so much, @jonathan_swerdlin!
This is one of the best product videos i have seen in a very long time. Big ups you guys ! Great job.
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@ktkaushik Thanks so much! We'll let our director know - he'll appreciate that. :)
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