A Random Casey Neistat Vlog

Plays a random Casey Neistat vlog

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The only vlog I do watch is actually Casey's - but I'm worried I'll 'waste' hours watching these now ha
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Hey Everyone! Casey is my favorite Youtuber and I religiously watch his daily vlogs. A few days ago he reached 1 year of daily vlogging so I made this site to help celebrate. @pointandstare hunted The Random Vee about a week ago and I thought creating something similar was appropriate. Enjoy!
@nicdupuis8 @pointandstare I've been trying to get my head around who this guy is. Could you enlighten me? Is he just an average Joe who does the stuff we all dream of, or is he some kind of rich philanthropist entertaining the crowd?
@thekarlsen @nicdupuis8 Who? Casey? He's just a regular dude putting out awesome stuff for anyone that wants to consume.
@thekarlsen @pointandstare Great question! You can learn more about his background here: http://www.indiewire.com/article... and why he started daily vlogging from his first vlog: https://youtu.be/gnHCw87Enq4 But to learn more about him and his views on life that make everyone love him... you'll have to watch the vlogs ;)
@nicdupuis8 @pointandstare you guys did a casey neistat online series, pure magic guys pure magic! :D
@onlykitneoh @nicdupuis8 Casey one is nothing to do with me ;)
I watched all of them in order. New challenge: watch them randomly again :D
Ha! Someone made something like this for @garyvee's SHOOOOOWWWWW last week: https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
This is an awesome thing for anyone who likes casey!. Lets be honest who doesn't like him lol