A Non-Designer’s Guide to Creating Visual Slides with Impact is a comprehensive and practical guide for those who want to seriously raise the bar on their presentations but don’t have the time to learn design theory.

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Full of before-and-after visual examples, cheat sheets and case studies, this step-by-step visual guide provides practical design tricks for non-designers who want to leverage the power of visual communication in their presentations. Through this 120-page visual guide, readers will learn:
  • How to create an audience journey map
  • How to use 70+ types of conceptual diagrams
  • How to combine text and images like a pro
  • How to use video and cinemagraphs in your slides
  • How to properly and effectively use transitions and animation effects
  • This is a goldmine for those learning to make their first pitch decks.
    @aadilayub Thanks for taking notice Aadil. We spent a lot of time putting this together and rather than making it complicated ; our focus was to keep it simple and to the point with lot of visuals to help improve retention.
    Hey Product Hunters, After more than two years of research into what separates a mediocre presentation from a truly captivating one, we’re excited to announce the release of our free comprehensive visual guide on how to create memorable slides, especially made for non-designers. At Visme, we're passionate about making the power of visual communication available to everyone, so we went the extra mile to jam pack this 125-page illustrated guide with visual examples, before-and-after case studies, cheat sheets and practical tips and tricks to save you the time you would otherwise need to invest in learning design principles and theory. Let us know if you’d like to see anything covered more in depth in our future educational materials. Enjoy!
    Great choice of the first slide! Nice and clear
    @akimovnv Thanks Nikita.
    making good design accessible to everyone who is creating slides/powerpoints is a noble endeavour indeed