A-List University by AngelList

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Danielle Newnham
@daniellenewnham · Founder, The Junto Network. Author
Love this but would there be a way to include top performing grads from all schools vs top schools? I fear diversity pool would be limited otherwise
Ankur Kumar
@ankscricholic · AI research
Elitist. Unlike hiring a MBA, a skillset of software engineer can be demonstrated and tested with rounds of interview process with near precise accuracy. It also discourages diversity. Ivies are not a great place to look if you want to hire a fresh talented black CS grad. My $0.02
Jason Crawford
@jasoncrawford · Co-founder & CEO, Fieldbook
We've been using A-List to hire at Fieldbook, and it's good. Lots of students on here with great backgrounds. Definitely recommended for companies hiring 2017 grads.
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
From my experience, traditional (IRL) career fairs are so inefficient. We're offered to attend some on occasion and pass because of the time commitment. Small startups often don't have the time to travel and host a booth to meet and review a relatively small number of candidates.
Uli Santos G
@ulisantosg · Full Stack R&D, Forrent.com
Love the idea, but sad AngelList is looking to make a quick buck from their 'top tier' profiles. It is hard for me to have confidence in your selection algorithm when you have already discriminated by alma mater.