Get a warm intro to your future roommate from this AI bot

Introducing yourself to a future roommate is hard. Use A.I.CEBREAKER to send a warm intro to you and your roommate, so that you don't have to break the ice.

Just enter in your names and emails and hit send!

You'll immediately get an email in your inbox from Andy Irving (A.I) with your future roommate cc-ed so you two can take it from there.

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Hey y'all. Remember how awkward and anxiety-ridden the process of meeting your freshman college roommate was for the first time? Obviously you do... because it sucks for everyone. Today, Bed Bath & Beyond, with mschf's help, is launching A.I.CEBREAKER, an AI assistant that writes you and your future roommate an email on your behalf! Bed Bath & Beyond's Andy Irving (A.I.) can personalize this warm intro based on your preferred style (e.g. ALL CAPS, formal, casual, etc.) so you don't have to think too hard. I will be online all day to answer questions about the product, or anything else in the universe you'd like to know.
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@15greenberg Can you tell us more about the different 'vibes' the AI can write in and how you put them together? 🤖
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@abadesi when a user is on the site, they can select the vibe they want. My personal favorite is ALL CAPS. They were put together by our team in house. Does that help answer your question?
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Totally going to be using this for work related purposes haha
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