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Happy engineering jobs. Teams. Culture. Advanced filters.

Find engineering teams that are actively hiring and fit your preferences. Search by product type, tech stack, team set-up, culture, working styles or perks.
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👋 Hey fellow makers — Sergey and I are excited to launch A Happy Job! We have been working on it for some time and we still have a long way to go, but happy to show what we have built so far. A Happy Job is a place where engineers can find teams that are actively hiring and fit their preferences. You can search by product type, tech stack, team culture, remote-friendliness or perks — no need to sign up. If you’d like, you can answer a short questionnaire and get matched with the best engineering teams. Matching is based on intangible factors that really matter such as culture, working styles, team set-up, and values. Research backs up the idea that people are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs, be promoted, and are less likely to quit or be fired if they work at companies that share their values. We want to help more people find their happy jobs and make the intangible information about team culture and values more easily available. In this first version of our product, we mostly focus on company-level information that is otherwise hard to research. As we grow, we’ll be adding more detail about individual hiring teams and managers. Sign-up to get updates about new companies added to the platform and be the first to apply: https://ahappyjob.com/email-signup/ We’d love to get your feedback and will be happy to answer any questions here, on Twitter or via email! HIRING ENGINEERS? Around 50% of new startup hires are gone in two years. Companies in the SF Bay Area pay 20–30% of the new hire salary to recruiters and still struggle to attract and retain their employees. The best way to differentiate yourself from Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google is to share your unique team culture. Showcase your team to attract, convert, and retain top engineers who care about your team’s values. https://ahappyjob.com/for-companies INTERESTED BUT NOT AN ENGINEER? Looking for a non-engineering job? We plan to expand our offering to product managers, marketing people, designers, and other roles. Get notified here: https://ahappyjob.com/email-signup/ THE VISION Only 48% of employees are completely satisfied with their jobs. At least part of the reason is that people apply to, interview with, and join the wrong companies and teams that were not a good fit for them to begin with. We believe that the future of recruiting is team-based and culture-centric. You can read more here: https://max2c.com/a-happy-job-la...
@maximmm Well done & good luck!
@jeremc Thank you, Jeremy! I hope you're doing great!
@maximmm go go go! publish story about your product at hackernoon
Really cool concept! I love the idea of being able to quickly filter by perks that matter to me, like flexible working hours and remote-friendly. Product question: Do you plan on letting users filter by role/position at some point? Nosey question: how do you collect all this information? Is there some fancy tech stack behind this or are you reaching out to people at these companies to fill everything out?
@bloudermilk, thank you! Are there any other filters that you would personally like to see? Put differently, is there anything you’d like to know about companies that you find hard to research? As to your product question: Yes, we already have job-level information stored in the back-end so we’re planning to enable this in the future. We decided not to build this at the MVP stage as for the engineering jobs (our initial focus), the tech stack filter is almost equivalent to the role filter (e.g. people looking for front end roles would filter by ReactJS and see teams/companies that are hiring ReactJS engineers)/ In the future, we’re also planning to add more non-engineering roles such as design, product management, and marketing. Are you interested in any particular roles? Thanks again!
Thanks @bloudermilk! To your 2nd question: we actually would prefer all the companies to fill out our survey, but today the information is mostly based on public data of the companies, mostly their job postings. We are planning to add Glassdoor reviews as our datasource soon as well. Currently the data stack includes our homegrown web crawler / scraper, Elasticsearch for rule-based classification and a small collection of again self-developed ML-based classifiers. We are at an early stage yet and certainly have lots of room for improvement.
Great navigation!
@bogdanyosava1 Thanks, Bogdan! We've been obsessing about it for a while. :)
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Very nice! Good luck!
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