A Guide to Marketplaces

Everything you need to know about building a marketplace

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Thanks for hunting us and for all your help, @nbashaw! We're super stoked to get this handbook on marketplaces out with the hope of helping founders build their companies. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts and feedback. Happy reading!
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@atkingyens Thanks for sharing Angela. I will read it and try to find interesting stuff for @praber_.
@atkingyens It was awesome to work with you! Although given the small scale of my contribution, I definitely don't deserve to be listed as a maker next to you and Boris, haha :)
@nbashaw I think you were automagically added lol
this is really cool, will read this and share, this should come in handy with something I am working on with the team
@mikehlee_ Thanks Mike! Happy reading!
@atkingyens - could you talk us through the writing process of this book? I'm intrigued :) - @erictwillis and I are in the final stages of our book
@bentossell Hi Ben! After months of publishing blog posts on marketplaces, we decided to merge all this content together along with the feedback that we've gotten from our readers. It started with us creating an outline / table of contents, filling it out with point form notes, and then inserting our own content as well as referencing great articles online written by others (we didn't want to re-invent the wheel). We had the help of our amazing writer who pooled everything together. I worked with 99 Designs on the cover plus graphics inside, and contracted two freelancers (one was @nbashaw) to proofread. And la voila, a book was born :)
@atkingyens Thank you for putting this together! I've been looking for a great read on marketplaces that is well structured. Looks like this is it. I'm several pages through and will get more reading done over the next few days. I'll be curious to see how many more non-marketplace business move toward becoming marketplaces. You mention, for instance, Yelp as one that is adding more transactional elements. Will be keeping my eye out for more.
@superfem Thanks, Erin! It's a good question. We're definitely seeing more companies following the philosophy of "come for the tool, stay for the marketplace". This further supports the thesis that it's network effects that makes a product sticky :)
This is wonderful! I just shared with our team. Thank you :)