A Decade Ago

The best and the worst of investments from 2010 to now.

A Decade Ago shows you the return on a hypothetical investment from ten years ago. Enter an investment amount, and we show you what you could’ve made (or lost!) over the past ten years. See some unexpected bulls and laugh at our hilarious, unbiased captions.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hey everyone! A Decade Ago is a fun way to see where an investment ten years ago could've gotten you. We chose to pick stocks that were most representative of the decade. There were some unexpected stocks with crazy returns! We threw in some Easter eggs too 😉. Had a great time making this with @benen_ling and thanks for hunting @finernoah !
@benen_ling @finernoah @neilmtan thanks for making this, this is funny i love this app! congratulations on the launch
A fantastic way to figure out where I should have put my all Bar Mitzvah money all those years ago... (maybe should have been Bitcoin who knows) Creds to Benen and Neil for a fantastic app!!
I love this! It's so simple but cute, entertaining and informative at the same time! I didn't know this was on Product Hunt. A friend sent me this site yesterday and it inspired me to conceptualize and build
Really fun app to use. Should have used my Bar Mitzvah money for them Bitcoins though haha
@gavri_birnbaum So glad you enjoyed! Best of investing luck in 2020 and onward.
made me realize I need to invest more
@tostartafire Start strong in 2020!