A Dark Room

The most immersive text-based game ever.

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A masterpiece of idle gaming -- breaks out the build/loot/battle mechanics found in the most epic, multi-million-dollar RPGs and arranges them sparsely and beautifully. Proves (to me, at least) that as much as I love walking around Skyrim and gawking at the scenery, the true addiction and fun-ness of RPGs comes down to the elegant balancing and interplay of simple mathematical systems.
@werefox the best part is how each of the mechanics is gradually introduced and built on. Many new games just throw you into everything all at once - here new mechanics are unveiled as part of the story. What's more a lot of the mechanics are just glorified cow clicker stuff, but they fit together so neatly you can't tell. I really can't get enough of this game.
I played this last year on iOS, it was absolutely wonderful. There's a prequel available as well called 'The Ensign.' You can find it here: https://appsto.re/ca/qObi2.i
@annandvirk I did not know this existed and am happy that it does.
The twist at the end is just amazing!
Just today I started to play, totally different from what I've played before
I first played this when I was researching idle games, and unlike most that have the repetitive but strangely addictive gameplay, this one captivated me with a sparse but engaging story that emerged slowly and deliberately. When it was released on iOS, it was a no-brainer for me to buy it--and the prequel, The Ensign.