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A crypto a day is a daily newsletter that helps you learn about a new cryptocurrency every day and brings you the facts, price evolvement, the purpose of the token & latest relevant news of the randomly selected token.

Find out how different all cryptocurrencies actually are!

Made by Cryptominded.com (with the help of @Antoninarto & @kurtsys)

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    simple and clean


    i want 10 cryptos a day

    check out cryptominded.com too!

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    Great concept


    None, it's perfect

    Your white paper says it all.

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Dylan Damsma
Dylan DamsmaMaker@dylandamsma · Maker of cryptominded.com
Hi everyone! This was a small idea I had last Friday and thought would be fun to make to help people understand the differences between various cryptocurrencies through a daily email. We randomly select a cryptocurrency each time that we then research and send out to the list. In the email you'll find an explanation of the token, the purpose of the token, most recent relevant news, price evolvement and more! Hope you all will appreciate it! :)
Moin Uddin
Moin UddinPro@moinism · Creator/Developer
Haha. Love your whitepaper! 😂
Dylan Damsma
Dylan DamsmaMaker@dylandamsma · Maker of cryptominded.com
@moinism Haha! 😄
Elon Moist
Elon Moist@coinyeezy
Love this project! Lets collab on whale.report if you are up for it! @dylan @antonin
Christina Martin
Christina Martin@christinamartin6 · Glasses, games and brands - that's me
great job. Keep it up!
Eric@terterihei · Yet Another Headline
let's all make you grow a big newsletter so you can spam us with direct and indirect ads in the future
Dylan Damsma
Dylan DamsmaMaker@dylandamsma · Maker of cryptominded.com
@terterihei Hi Eric, valid concern. An example email can be found here: http://cryptominded.muc3mconxtxe... We won't be advertising ICOs nor do we accept funds for sending over specific tokens. They're randomly selected and you shall see we do send an email about each token that was selected by the script. However, I won't hide from the fact that we will promote: - The cryptominded community & it's events - Acquiring the token on selected exchanges However, the #1 goal remains to educate. Edit: To add to that, you can always unsubscribe of course :)!