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Thanks for the hunt @chrismessina! This is our second vertical on Purple (we started with politics). We figured since David and I are so immersed in the conversational UI/bot/messaging world, why not use our own conversational platform to cover it! We'll text you an update each day with a must read, a new conversational platform to check out, and question we’d love to discuss with you. If you ever have thoughts on this space, a new conversational/bot product discovery, or find an interesting piece on conversational engagement text it on in! Looking forward to talking with you :)
@rebeccajharris I, for one, am excited! I'd also love a deep dive into the background about how you make it all work — what tech are you using and how do you manage inbound messages?
@chrismessina we built our own custom CMS (conversation management system 😎) using Django and Python and use Twilio to send/receive SMS. Our CMS allows us to create a series of atomized messages that are linked together by keywords to create a story. Purple is part human part computer, so much of user engagement is automated but the human element of the service is really important to us in building relationships with our users. We also use some NLP and ML for text processing and learning how to respond to questions.
What has happened to the original Purple? Is this a pivot?
@bentossell no it's just another area we're covering with Purple :) You can still sign up for your personal Politics nerd in your pocket at https://getpurple.io. We're working on a re-design of the landing page, sorry for the confusion!
When I read the tagline 🤖 :)
Congrats on the launch. What did you learn from your first focus on the politics vertical? Also, right now I'm trying out your bot via SMS. Do you have a Facebook Messenger or Telegram bot?
@jonathanzwhite thanks so much! One of the main things we learned is how important the conversational element of Purple is. The frictionless experience of being able to ask and have your question answered is huge. Also the human element has allowed us to build close, personal relationships with our users which is very important to us. We will be rolling out Slack and Messenger integrations very soon!