#5 Product of the DayMarch 23, 2017
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I'm sorry I don't think this is a cool product - I find this type of automation completely irritating and pointless for account owners preferring legitimate engagement.
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@helencrozier Hey Helen, I respect your point of view. But actually Boostfy gives you the technology, it's up to you how to use it. We have some brands who use our product only to run campaigns via hashtags or distribute promo codes. According to our experience, it helps on building relationships with customers. But of course, you may just not be our customer segment, I totally understand that :)
@kaanayaz_ how does automating likes "build relationships"? Is this allowed by Instagram's TOS?
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@helencrozier I noticed the same things on my personal account. But the clients have asked for this and instead of having a team of interns do this, Boostfy can!
@needalimb @helencrozier Neither technique (interns or bots) is a good way to build "relationships". There is no long term short cut to connection. Plus, it's WAY obvious when someone is using a tool like this, and my first opinion of those who do use it is very negative. You won't win me as a customer this way.
@kaanayaz_ How long will that promo code be valid ?
@jpvalery Hey, there is no expire date for that code.
@jpvalery @kaanayaz_ yeah, I have the same question. Can I use the promo not today but, for instance, tomorrow or on the weekend?
@jpvalery aaw, we posted our comments simultaneously. Thanks for the answer
This idea already exists in many different software products such as FollowLiker, which is a bot for Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, and tumblr. However there is a trend on Instagram with things called Power Likes. The basic idea is that, you get other accounts to like your pages pictures as soon as you post them. A bunch of these likes will boost the post in Instagram's algorithm, helping it go viral and reach more users. A software to automate these Power Likes among groups of accounts would be something of high demand right now. And some unit I would buy. 👍
Is this considered a "Blackhat tactic"?
The unfortunate story here is that it probably works regardless of how annoying it is.