Simple tax deduction finder for freelancers & entrepreneurs

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Side gigs and side hustles have become the norm for most people, to the point that 1 in every 4 are doing it -- soon it’ll be 1 in every 3. We've built 99Deductions to help Designers, Developers, Uber Drivers and even Airbnb Hosts easily learn about their tax obligations. Without having to first consult with a CPA or tax filer. There wasn't an online resource that translated taxes into English, specifically for different types of freelancers and side gigs. Our vision was to offer this education for free, and make it quick and easy to digest, even on your phone. So you can simply make more money, and be better prepared if you do consult a CPA or use a tax filer. We'd love to get your thoughts and feedback on 99Deductions. We launched this with 20 different "types" of entrepreneurs and freelancers to start. What other types would you add? Are we missing any content you think would be helpful?
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This tool looks incredibly helpful for freelancers, including on-demand workers like Uber/Lyft drivers. It comes from the makers of Hurdlr. Tax write-offs can be confusing as hell and this breaks it down so simply and with thoughtful product design too.
@lylemckeany thanks for hunting us Lyle.
Really love the simplicity and design!
@jameslidotcom Thanks James. Did you find any deduction examples useful in particular?
We've been getting a lot of great feedback on the site from our users. Aside from Googling around for tax information and deductions, there isn't really a better way, unless you talk to a CPA.
So smart! I know a bunch of freelancers who will love this. Nice work!
@wlindemann Thanks Will, much appreciated! Your freelancer friends can ask us anything and we'll try to help.