99% Invisible - A Sea Worth its Salt

The Salton Sea in California was formed by mistake

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Adam Leidhecker
Brand Strategist @ Coplex
99% invisible Ep. 224- A Sea Worth its Salt The largest body of water in California was formed by a mistake. In 1905, the California Development Company accidentally flooded a huge depression in the Sonora Desert, creating an enormous salty lake called the Salton Sea. The water is about twice as salty as the Pacific Ocean. The ground beneath the southern end of the sea is volcanic and water bubbles to the surface in muddy pools. The only fish that can live in Salton Sea are tilapia, but even they struggle to survive. This podcast was discovered on @ottoradio 👍
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Kevin Lou
product @ Italic
If you only have time to listen to one podcast a week, that one podcast better be 99% Invisible. It is absolutely one of the best podcasts around. It also doesn't hurt that Roman Mars has the best voice in the business. :)
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Rasmus LønneCo-founder, Bento Cam
Loved this episode. Like every other episode it inspired me to go and find more information about a topic I wouldn't have otherwise ever heard about. Crazy to see photos of the Salton Sea in the 50s compared to now. A really good episode of an awesome podcast.
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