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Hi! I'm one of the developers of (925). In the past I've struggled through some lengthy and agonizing job-searches where I felt completely on my own and overwhelmed. I tried third-party recruiters but they tended to be impersonal and always seemed to have their own agenda. They were also hard to reach and often wanted to conduct lengthy phone calls. I just wanted someone I could talk to candidly and confidentially about the aspects of a job that were important to me. I believe (925) can solve this problem. You can think of (925) as something like Magic (https://getmagicnow.com) for job-search. Just text our phone number and we'll do everything we can to make your job-search less stressful. That includes finding you job opportunities, reviewing your resume or cover letter, and/or sending you reminders about upcoming interviews. The entire service exists as a text-message conversation with your assistant. Let me know what you think!
@jameswilsterman Love it. It's a cool take on the problem.
@jameswilsterman who is doing the legwork on your end? How do you plan to scale the assistance?
@tkalimov thanks Tim! I appreciate it!
@cfrascl Hey Chris! Thanks for your question. We're doing everything in-house including responding to customers and searching for leads. We also plan to partner with some established recruiters. We believe we can scale effectively by limiting to a few select cities at first. We may need to add some AI but we suspect human assistants for high-financial impact / low-frequency life events (like switching jobs) might be surprisingly scalable.
@jameswilsterman Hey James - Looks great! Question for you - if I'm currently in another city, but am interested in receiving jobs in the cites you support, how would I go about signing up?
#ProductHuntReview: I was skeptical at first that this was another job search software that fails at finding the right position for you and only searches main city hubs (SF, NYC, etc), but I tested it out anyways and (925) definitely has the potential to be one of the greatest job search assistants out there. I'm not too sure how they are going to scale, but I'm optimistic in the future of (925).
@sethlouey Thanks Seth! Given that job searching is super-important and relatively rare (compared to, say, finding a place to grab coffee nearby), we think we can scale the human touch pretty far. Or at least we are going to try!
simple approach. could see this being big ++ i know the team behind it understands how to build it once it finds the niche. excited to see where it goes.
@kkliman Thanks Kevin! We are working on creating an internal for-loop for that ++...oh my god that's a terrible programming joke I'm so tired forgive me
Love to see this in Vegas. Constantly trying to help friends find gigs and jobs, but since I've only owned businesses my whole life, it can be a challenge. Hope this continues to grow for you all.
@jameswilsterman Interesting solution. Is there a reason you took the mobile route, rather than an email assistant? Could be because mobile seems more personal assistant-y. Just curious because from my experience, job hunting tends to be more of a web-based process...and sending resumes or cover letters for review will likely need the user to send through email and from the laptop/desktop system
@anandp29 What's up Anand, @jameswilsterman's partner in crime here. We think actually talking to a human in relatively rapid fire fashion is nice for this area. I agree there's a lot of paper involved usually that we'd like to cut down on...