Visualize the voice against the 90 day immigration ban 🌍

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Over the past couple of days, I made this project. It’s basically a website to help visualize the voices across the globe against the recent 90-day immigration ban. I was inspired to make this because I myself am an immigrant and I was just curious to see how people across the world were reacting to the news. I am excited to enable other people to see this perspective as well.
This is great! Visualize the voices across the world against the 90 day immigration ban, made by @abhisuri97, an immigrant. P.S. now when you search Giphy (or Twitter GIF search) for one of these words "90days, 90 days, MuslimBan, NoBanNoWall, Abhinav Suri” a GIF of 90Days will show up -- so share away 🚀
Really cool. This remind me of another web action called www.bantheban.net, check it out.