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Botmakers Marketplace offers handpicked chatbot templates to small businesses.

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Thanks for hunting us, @chrismessina! Hi guys and welcome to BotMakers πŸ™Œ. The big idea behind the marketplace is to make chatbots affordable for small businesses. Today if you need a chatbot you need for your business you have 2 options: 1. You can do it by yourself using DIY builders like ManyChat, Chatfuel, etc. You need to have technical skills and you should be ready to invest a few weeks. 2. Or you can hire a team of developers who'll implement it for you. It will cost you at least $3-5k for a simple bot and will take 2-3 weeks. The chatbot marketplace we're launching helps you have your chatbot ready in less than 24h for less than $99 πŸ’°πŸ•‘. Today we support only Facebook Messenger chatbots built with Chatfuel (ManyChat coming soon). A bit later we're adding Amazon Alexa skills 🎀.

BotMakers is probably the best tool out there to have a simple chatbot fast and with no pain. And as well, to find the right developers for bigger projects.

I know Alex and Victoria since the very beginning of their journey in the chatbot field, and we became business partners straight away.

They are passionate about chatbots just like we are and we are happy to build the industry together.


Co-founder of BotsCrew


Fast and straightforward process of adding a chatbot to your business


No cons

Thanks Max!
Congrats Bot makers team on the launch of a marketplace. Great contribution to chatbot community. Keep continue :)
thanks man!

Chatbot requirements are based on platforms like Chatfuel, etc. I think clients should be made aware that Deep Learning and better NLP along with good dialogue design through proprietary platforms are better. As a great man once said, Third-party APIs tie you up but libraries are hackable.


BotMakers is a great place for small biz to build bots fast. It is also good for devs to have a global exposure on use-cases.


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I like their templates but I wounder when will they support Arabic language


Have variant templates

easy to customize



no cons