A unique art gallery that refreshes every hour

9 GANS is an Art Gallery that is refreshed with 9 completely new and unique images every hour.
All the images are generated using Artificial Intelligence.
All the images are permanently deleted once the hour is up.
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This is wild. If you put a buy button on these auto-generated pieces, will the neural network make more money than a human artist? 🤔
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@rrhoover They already do sometimes: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/25/... I did consider putting a price on them but am trying out the idea of keeping the images free and monetizing through the print on demand channels. Maybe this will change later. :)
Great Project!
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Amazing product! So much fun to wait for the next batch! All I'm missing is a timer to show when the next batch will be generated :)
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Just saw this, but this is crazy. seriously.


This is mind blowing


I donno. This is just great

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